About this blog

This blog has been created as a response to the Covid-19 crisis. It provides a space for reflections, analyses and conversations on diverse aspects of the ongoing pandemic: the different responses to it, their nature and consequences. Our point of departure is a belief that feminist perspectives on Covid-19 are particularly needed in current times, as they help us to understand how gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality and other important axes of power matter in the crisis that we are facing. 

The blog will centre around three main questions:

How can the pandemic and the reactions to it be understood as a “magnifying glass” that highlights existing power structures and inequalities? 

What is at stake in the diverse modes of reactions to Covid-19? 

In what ways will the crisis influence the field of gender studies?

The posts published on the blog are original contributions both written by scholars at the Gender Department at Lund University and invited guest bloggers.

Blog editors: Amaranta Thompson, Josefin Larsson and Marta Kolankiewicz

Artwork: Sarah Hirani